I have been one busy bee lately, let me tell you. I really wish I wasn’t putting up my May round up at the end of June but it is what it is. I even contemplated meshing May and June together, but May definitely deserves it’s own post.

I decided to try something a little new in terms of how I display my photos just to spice things up a bit since this is so delayed. So let’s get into it, shall we?

BIRTHDAYFirst things first, my birthday! Jude took me to Atlantic City to grab dinner but ended up surprising me with a couple of our closest friends. I literally had NO idea & even though it ended up being quite an interesting night, I still love them to death & I really appreciate them coming to celebrate with me. My birthday also happened to fall on Mother’s Day this year! It felt nice to be able to celebrate my mom’s special day along with my own. I honestly didn’t do as much as I would’ve wanted on my birthday this year, but looking back at it now, it really wasn’t that bad. Besides, according to Blink 182, “nobody likes you when you’re 23.”

EDCOne week after my birthday was EDCNY. Who could ask for a better birthday present? Although a lot of people said that this year’s festival wasn’t on par with last years, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Good music, good friends & good vibes — it’s all you really need. And I couldn’t have chosen a better group of people to rage with. Our core group of 10 is my heart & I love them every single one of them. I’m so happy to have them to experience these things to the fullest & with the most love. And lastly despite the last minute outfits, flower crowns & kandi, I think my friends & I looked super cute!


On the Sunday before Memorial Day, three of my friends celebrated their graduation. And you best believe I made it to each & every party! I don’t think I’ve driven that much in one day in my entire life. AND I PARKED IN JERSEY CITY FOR THE FIRST TIME. BY MYSELF. Granted it took me a million years, but it happened & I’m not sure if it’ll be able to happen again. I made an appearance at Allyssa’s party first. Her parents are the most amazing cooks so I always look forward to the good eats. But more than that, I love being able to reconnect with people I haven’t seen in a long time at her parties. I really wish I could’ve stayed longer, but I had a great time. The next stop was my best friend Anna’s party. The second I parked my car, I could hear the Spanish music blasting inside her house & I immediately knew it was gunna be a good time (or a shit show) once I walked in the door. I love Anna’s family so much. Despite the fact that I haven’t been around as much as I was in high school, her family still continues to treat me like one of their own. It’s never a dull moment in the Casiano household. Never. Lastly, I headed over to Jersey City to celebrate Ate Lovely’s graduation. It was awkward walking by myself into a dark backyard full of people I didn’t know, but once I found my friends & got a couple drinks in me, it was such a good time. A bonfire, s’mores & an unexpected stripper? What more would you want at a graduation party? Haha, it was a great way to end the night. I wish all my friends the best of luck with their adventures after college.

Next up, my internships! I’ve been at Makerbot for almost 3 months & I can honestly tell you that I’m starting to really love it. I’m learning SO much — about the company & about my work. I’m re-learning things that I forgot from college like various more tips & tricks to making my photos look decent. It’s super exciting to see my work on their blog and to know that major partnerships will be using my images in brochures & stuff. And I love that I’m interning here in the midst of some amazing things happening at the company. I can’t wait to see what’s in store, both for myself and for the future of Makerbot.

SMALL GIRLSMy second internship is at Small Girls PR. The second I heard about this company at the Find and Follow Your Passion event, I knew that I wanted to intern there. And I mean, look how cute the office is! I’m really glad my schedule ended up working out between Makerbot and Small Girls, because if I had to let one go, I’d be a wreck. This internship is a little out of my comfort zone since I came from a completely different background, but the girls (and boy!) I work with make things a lot smoother and easier for me to understand and familiarize with. I’ve only been there a couple weeks, but it’s such an amazing ride so far. I’m learning how to do something that I’ve been interested in for a while at a company that represents everything that I love. One of my main tasks lately has been taking a lot of photos for them, so I’m glad I can contribute my skills in that area. Just like my other internship, I’m super excited to see what’s in store for me at Small Girls.

And now some little moments that don’t really need a full paragraph, but that I would like to include anyway.

11. I finally got to go to one of Martin’s house party/ragers. It was awk being one of the oldest there, but I’m glad I got to take a shot with the drunky birthday boy!   2. Celebrated Cinco de Mayo at Pancho’s Burritos with the boyf. I love Mexican food & super bulldogs SO MUCH.   3. The struggle of having big, curly hair. But whatevs, because I’m a blondecai again!   4. Madison Square Eats is the best. I wish it was up all year rounnndd.

21. I actually forgot I did this until just now. WELP, looks like I’m going to Coachella next year!   2. Reunited with these guys : )   3. My laptop got all kinds of fucked up & I became a regular at the Apple Genius Bar since I was there basically every day of my life.   4. Got to see an advanced screening of The Internship thanks to NY Creative Interns!

As you can see, the month of May was jam packed and I apologize for how delayed this post was. Hopefully I’ll be on top of my game for June, especially since it’s coming to an end in a week. This month has been just as crazy, so we’ll see what happens!

xoxo, S.



About stephaniebanares

Photographer based in NJ/NY. Recent grad from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Photography. Currently a freelance photographer at Makerbot Industries and the photo/design assistant at Small Girls PR.
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