April Roundup!

I feel like I have been waiting forever to put my April summary up on here. In my last monthly round up, I mentioned that I was feeling more accomplished and motivated and I hoped that my attitude would follow through in the months to come. This month definitely allowed me to keep that mentality in place. So many good things happened, particularly in terms of my job search (!!!). It just goes to show that patience really is a virtue and sometimes all you need is to sit tight, stay positive and pray for the best.


Started off the month reuniting with my favorite coworker at our old stomping grounds at Just Sweet. // Went into a Uniqlo pop-up shop and ended up getting our picture taken. // Neon nails and Emergen-C in my then favorite water bottle. It smells weird now.. : ( // Thrifted some awesome stuff, including a 35mm camera with a 50mm lens for $20!


Got the opportunity to photograph the NY Creative Interns #FindPassion conference and received this “award” at the volunteer meeting! Lolol, first time multiple Stephanie’s in one room worked in my favor! // At the actual #FindPassion conference, I got my first business cards! Design courtesy of Maria. < 3 // Going away brunch in the city with complimentary mimosas and screwdrivers for Emily. // Said brunch with these biddies. : )


Helped Tita Gemma unpack all the goodies she brought back from her trip to the Philippines! // Had an interview at Warby Parker! // Came to help Em pack and see her off before she moved to Boston. : ( // Had an interview with Makerbot!


Photographed a bunch of bridesmaids in the West Village! // Awesome sidewalk art in Washington Square Park. // Mmmm, Jude and Celina picked me up from the city & we picked up a pie of the most delicious artichoke pizza. // Took a trip to Hoboken to celebrate this guy’s 24th!


Breakfast at the last Shakookequela shindig I will attend.. // ..Because this guy is moving back to India! Miss you already Shashi. : ( // Accepted the photo internship position at Makerbot Industries. // And got this awesome gridded journal that I am OBSESSED with.


Dinner date with my Pops! // My view from my desk at work. // Lara and I got our coloring pages hung up at Jude’s dentist, haha. // YUM.


Strip clubz & dolla billlzzz for this girl’s birthday! // Slate NYC for part 2 of Faye’s birthday! // Lazy recovery day. // We’re actually only 15.


Boom Boom Room @ Porta! // Mmmmm, best soft tofu evaaaa. // Well this was a first.

So there it is. April was a lot of fun and super encouraging. I feel super blessed with everything that’s happened last month, both pictured and not. And I know I probably say this every month, but with my birthday, EDC, and my 4 year anniversary (what!?) coming up in May, I honestly can not wait to see what this month and beyond has in store!


About stephaniebanares

Photographer based in NJ/NY. Recent grad from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Photography. Currently a freelance photographer at Makerbot Industries and the photo/design assistant at Small Girls PR.
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