February 2013 Roundup.

Man, I need to get back into the swing of things and start being more frequent with this blog. I remember when I was younger, xanga entries were a daily necessity. I need to bring that back into play. I’ve also decided to pick up my camera again and start shooting again. I need something to occupy my time. Something to get me motivated again. Anyway, here’s February according to my iPhone! I set it up a little differently than how I did January’s recap and I think I like it better.

ImageCelebrated Celina’s 22nd early in AC. // Partied at Mixx. // Went to Brickhouse on her actual birthday. This little bonfire outside was extremely convenient to avoid freezing bogey breaks.


The night I drank too much and I had my first serious fight with Jude. -.- // Ash Wednesday. // I’ve been on (or trying really hard to be on) a health kick.


My parents all gussied up for their Valentines party. // Got added to a group chat & suffered the consequences.. // Porta is always such a good time for some reason.

feb4Spent the last weekend in February in AC with my parents. // Daddy’s birthday was on the 24th! // Dope street art in the Lower East Side.

Despite all these photos, February was a pretty rough month. It was this month that I truly realized how broke I am; how much debt I have. So when I wasn’t out doing fun things, I was cooped up in my room applying to every job that I possibly could. I’m past being terrified of the future and I have moved on to how frustrating it is to be unemployed. This job search is most definitely going to continue into March and I’m crossing my fingers something will come along soon. But like I said earlier, I’m going to start shooting again. I can start on series’ that I’ve started but never finished, that I’ve thought of but never followed through, and even just the documentation of life. Hopefully it’ll give me more creative stimulation and give me a little break from all the cover letters and resumes.

xo; Stefunnie.


About stephaniebanares

Photographer based in NJ/NY. Recent grad from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Photography. Currently a freelance photographer at Makerbot Industries and the photo/design assistant at Small Girls PR.
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